What Is A Wet Grinder And How To Use Wet Grinder?

Probably you have heard the name wet grinder earlier but let me tell you a detailed introduction about it.  A wet grinder is a tool or a food grinding appliance used to produce a paste or batter. It is especially used for grinding food grains such as lentils, coconut, and soaked grains into a fine paste.

Wet grinders are beneficial than mixers or blenders because the stone grinder does not create a lot of heat, which helps to sustain the flavor of food. Wet grinders are also used for grinding chutneys and masalas etc. on a larger scale.

what is wet-grinder

Why does someone need a wet grinder?

Food ingredients like grated coconut, soaked pulses, and grains can be turned into a paste with a food blender, or grinder but these appliances do not result in fine end products that are required for the perfect taste of specific dishes. 

A wet grinder is an essential tool for the family if they make South Indian dishes like dosas, idlis, or some other kinds of famous South Indian dishes daily. A wet grinder is more useful than a normal mixer because:

  • It does fast and effective grinding.
  • It can constantly use for a long duration.
  • It can grind ingredients into a very fine batter. 
  • It can be used to grind pulses, lentils, and grains in a vast amount.
  • Grinding with stone holds on the natural flavor of the ingredients.

What are the main types of wet grinders?

There are two commonly used wet grinders:

  1. Table top wet grinder:

Tabletop wet grinders are portable and small in size. They can be placed on top of a table because they are easy to maintain and have a small size. They can be used for grinding different types of ingredients for preparing different dishes such as: 

  • Making numerous types of chutneys and sauces.
  • Pulping of vegetables and fruits for soups and stew.
  • Grinding paste for vadas, dosas, and idlis.
  1. Tilting type wet grinder:

Tilting wet grinders are solid and consume less space. They are more preferred in small houses. These grinders are made with rolling stones that do not make a big noise. Tilting type grinders have multifunctional abilities. They are used for both dry and wet grinding.  

Which factors to consider while buying a wet grinder?

Listed below are the main factors to consider while buying the best-wet grinder in India for making Indian traditional dishes.

  • Motor:

The technical specifications of the motor are important. The greater control of the motor helps in faster-grinding procedures in less time.

  • Drum capacity:

 The drum capacity of a wet grinder should be considered while purchasing a wet grinder according to usage.

  • Warranty:

The warranty should be properly checked before making a final decision.

  • Electricity consumption :

 Extra power-saving features should be checked before purchasing the wet grinder to utilize minimum electricity.

  • Maintenance:

Maintenance of wet grinder is another main feature that should be considered while buying wet grinders.

how to use wet grinder

How to use a wet grinder?

Here is proper guidance about the usage of wet grinder properly and authentically:

  • First of all, place the drum on the center rod of the wet grinder. 
  • After placing the drum on the center rod, rotate the drum until it clicks into place and places the roller mechanism into the drum.
  • Then tightly close the lid and press down to lock it into place.
  • Open the lid cover over the drum and add a little quantity of water to the drum.
  • Carefully turn on the wet grinder and gently wait for the grinding stones to become speedy.
  • As the wet grinder becomes speedy, add the ingredients to the wet grinder with the help of an open lid. Do not add all the ingredients together. Include the food items in the drum in small quantities and gradually add water to keep the mixture moist. 
  • Slowly add the ingredients until the paste of ingredients reaches the consistency as per your requirements.
  • Turn the switch off and press the release lock to free the drum from the place, and pull upward to remove the roller mechanism from the drum.
  • Rotate the stones manually to remove the ground mixture from the roller mechanism and pour it into the mixture.
  • Finally, detach the roller mechanism, and the batter cleaner than in last remove the drum from the wet grinder to extract the mixture from the drum.

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